What does Nounós mean?

“Godfather." Founder John Belesis is godfather or “Nouno” (in Greek) to Co-Founder Steve Ioannou. We like to keep things in the family at Nounós.

There’s a lot of yogurts out there. What makes you so special?

1) Nounós is the only brand hand-crafted in small batches using the artisanal Greek method – no industrial machinery, and no shortcuts.

2) Zero additives or thickeners and preservatives. Just the good stuff.
All-natural dairy and fruit, naturally sweetened.

3) We’re family owned and operated in Southampton, NY. Yogurt made with love and integrity.

4) It tastes the best, of course.

Why glass containers?

We’re committed to quality: Unlike plastic, glass is non-porous and non-leaching. Most manufacturers fill their yogurt into plastic containers to over 100° F, which can increase plastic chemical leaching into the product. We believe glass is the optimal vehicle to protect our yogurt’s freshness, quality, and taste. . . and it’s 100% recyclable. Or upcycle them to store spare change, potted plants, office supplies. . .we love seeing pics of how you’ve repurposed your yogurt container.

Are you organic?

Not at this time, but we try to source organic whenever possible. We are 100% non-GMO, antibiotic, gluten, rBST, and hormone-free.

Do you source locally?

Our milk is delivered to us farm fresh direct from dairies in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

What is the blue and black eye on your packaging?

The “Evil Eye”,  also known as a “mati”or “το μάτι” is popular symbol in Greek tradition, classically used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and protect from harm. It protects our yogurt!

What are those little lumps in the yogurt?

Those are ultra-fine yogurt curds and a natural product of our hand-straining process – proof that Nounós yogurt is minimally processed, and never stirred or whipped.

What do you do with the whey by-product?

We donate it or sell it to some of the restaurants and foodservice establishments we work with, where it’s commonly used for baking or meat tenderizing.

Help! What happened to my favorite flavor? I can’t find it.

We offer 2-3 seasonal flavors that rotate out every few months. Let us know if you have a favorite, and we'll be sure to try and bring it back!

Are you Gluten Free?

Our entire line as well as our seasonal flavors contain no gluten nor are any products containing gluten handled, processed or stored in our facility!